Grease Extract and Duct Cleaning

Grease Extract & Duct Cleaning

Grease Extract systems and Ductwork can become contaminated and heavily soiled over the period of their use, these issues can be very serious and are often hidden from general view. The correct cleaning of ventilation units and the distribution ductwork and grilles is essential for the correct and efficient function of a building.


Regular duct maintenance will reduce the fire risk of the grease residues that accumulate within kitchen canopies, ductwork and extract fan units.


All of our reports are issued post service and will include pre and post clean images and measurements, along with a full 3D drawing showing the system layout and accessibility, we also issue a certificate post clean to certify that this work has taken place.

What is TR19®?

The TR19® is a standard that was defined by BESA (The Building Engineering Services Association), as a way to standardise duct and kitchen extract cleaning systems. It has become the industry standard to which most insurers and building engineering service sectors use as the standard to match when performing ductwork cleaning operations. Our Grease Hygiene Technicians are trained in delivering competent duct cleaning to the standards set in TR19®.


How often should ductwork be cleaned?


TR19® recommends regular cleaning of ductwork systems, depending upon their frequency of use. While multiple specialist inspections and cleanings must be done to gauge a more accurate cleaning frequency, the recommended guidelines for cleaning intervals are given below:


Please note, these are based on If heavy, significant or continual production of grease laden aerosols are used during normal daily operations, for example, restaurants and food cooking facilities.


2-6 Hours a day: Every 6 months

6-12 hours a day: Every 3 months

12-16 hours a day: Every 3 months

16 Hours + a day: Every 2 months

Included in service

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Rapid response to client needs


Cleaning to ensure compliance with current Health & Safety regulations
Kitchen grease extract systems cleaned in compliance with buildings insurance requirements and Fire Safety regulations.


Method Statements and Risk Assessments provided site specific as required
All works fully certified and post clean reports provided


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