Laundry Extract Ventilation Cleaning

Laundry Extract Ventilation Cleaning

An often overlooked aspect of fire prevention can be the regular cleaning of laundry extract systems. This is vital for any organisation which processes large quantities of laundry, including laundry service providers, hospitals, hotels, student accommodation and prisons.


Large quantities of laundry, such as bedding and towels in particular, generate a large amount of lint, fibre and dust from the textiles being washed and dried in commercial machines.


These impurities collect in the laundry extract system itself and some may travel through the filters and infiltrate the main ventilation ductwork system, where they can also accumulate, slowing the system and creating an additional fire hazard.

How can Ductclear help?

We can help you to determine how frequently your system should be cleaned and work out a cost programme to ensure that you don’t fall behind with cleaning. Our highly trained operatives can clean your laundry extract system and remove lint, fibre and dust particles to leave you with a safe and compliant system.


We document every clean with a full report, including before and after photography, so that you can demonstrate your compliance to your insurance company, an HSE officer or Fire Prevention Officer.

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